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ASQ Section 1104

2015 Leadership

Chair:                 Sherri Douthat

Chair Elect:        open

Secretary:          Chris Milton

Treasurer:          Cheryl Parham

Committee Chairpersons

Education:          Clay Ellis/J.Eshler

Membership:       Roy Irvine

Program:             Rebecca Anderson

Certification:       Jo Anne Britt

Re-Cert:              George Kvasnicka

Internet Liaison:  Brad Reynolds

Publicity:            James Pascoe

Placement:         Greg Kuhn

QMP:                   Luis Morales

Arrangements:    Adrienne Bouldin

Audit/ARN Chair: Terry Burns

Nominating:        Chris Milton

Special Events:   Greg Kuhn

Newsletter:          Tom Brignac Jr

Richmond, VA - ASQ Section 1104       

“The Mission of ASQ Section 1104 is to provide opportunities for a lifelong learning environment for our members.”

Richmond - Section 1104

ASQ - The Global Voice of Quality

Upcoming Area Conferences and Workshops   

Baldrige Framework Workshop - Jan 5-6 - Richmond.

Location: Capital One     

Cost: $275   (includes lunch and guidebook).   

SPQA hosts a training session to equip you to evaluate your organizations’ strategy and activities.